Air Ducts: When to replace or repair?


The air ducts of your home’s HVAC system may quite possibly be one of those things that you don’t think of until it’s too late – that is, once they’ve become dirty or leaky and just plain damaged. Ethical Air wants you to know when these ducts should be repaired or replaced. If the system feels like it’s simply not doing its job, it could be time to consider what needs to be done to the ductwork. Here are a few signs that will help you realize that it’s time to contact the professionals and perhaps perform indoor air quality testing.

  • Some rooms are warmer or cooler than the others
  • An increasing amount of dust around the house
  • Mold has started forming on the ductwork

There are a number of factors that contribute to the condition of the ductwork system. In addition to the warning signs, there are a few other items to consider:

  • If the air ducts are significantly old, it may be time to replace them with new ones
  • If you have just installed a new air conditioning system, the existing ductwork may not be efficient enough to handle the new system
  • If your home is relatively new, it is generally more cost-effective to repair the ductwork, rather than replace the system altogether

Ethical Air knows that deciding how to handle these HVAC woes can be tough. We want to make it easy for you. If you suspect your home’s air duct system needs some sprucing up, or you’ve performed indoor air quality testing and are not satisfied with the results, call us. Our trained technicians can repair or replace your ductwork in no time.