Avoid Air Conditioner Repair with Energy Efficient Practices

Keeping your central air conditioning system as energy-efficient as possible may sound easier said than done. But it truly is something you can do in just a few easy steps. At Ethical Air, we want you to get the most out of your system and to avoid air conditioner repair when possible. We can help keep your system running in top condition and ensure that it is as energy-efficient as it should be!

Tune-ups. This helps promote optimum efficiency. Have a professional inspect the unit regularly. Potential problems can be identified and remedied before they can become something more serious.

We can’t stress this next step enough – changing the air filter. The filter is cleaning up old air before sending it back out. Therefore, the filter gets clogged with built-up allergens and dust. The clog will strain your system, lessening its efficiency.

Clean the air ducts and ductwork. The return air ducts and duct covers will become dirty with dust or lint as time goes on. Make sure there is adequate airflow reaching the unit. As for the ductwork, it is important to keep it clean and free of pests or rodents as well as other debris.

To avoid costly air conditioner repair and receive maximum comfort from your AC system, it’s best to take these precautions. You can improve the system’s efficiency by starting with changing the filter or with a tune-up. To get started on the road to energy-efficiency, contact Ethical Air today!

Finding Comfort in Florida Air Conditioning

If you’re like most people, air conditioning is your best friend as the temperatures rise. Florida air conditioning especially comes in handy during the summer months. But have you ever started to feel a sore throat coming on once you’ve been exposed to the cool air indoors for too long? There are a few reasons for this discomfort. Dry air, dirty air and allergies tend to be attributed to the air conditioning. But there is more to it. Improper installation, such as faulty technical work results in poor air conditioning and may bring about certain health risks.

Furthermore, leaks and punctures in a central air system, duct work and air filter give rise to the free flowing movement of dirt, dust and other irritants. As the debris builds over time, the system’s efficiency is diminished, which also degrades the air quality.

When the AC system does not receive regular maintenance, the air supply within the home is left to recycle again and again with the Florida air conditioning cycle. When your system is properly taken care of, healthy air levels are more prevalent and the air quality is elevated.

It’s also important to make sure that airflow is able to go in and out of the home. If vents are closed, this prohibits the airflow; trapping it inside and allowing for it grow stagnant.

Be sure to take the necessary steps to a healthier, cleaner air supply in your home. Ethical Air can help you get your system cleaned and up to date to ensure optimal comfort for you and your family!

Changing Air Conditioner Filters to Improve Air Quality

In this day and age, especially during the summer months, it can be hard to escape air conditioning. It’s everywhere around us – at home, at the office, in our cars and the list goes on. Switching the air conditioner on is easy and convenient; however, regular upkeep and maintenance can be overlooked. Air conditioning units that are old or poorly-maintained play a role in our health and well-being as respiratory conditions or diseases may develop from the air being circulated.

Ethical Air makes it easy to minimize the chance of these health risks associated with air conditioning units and their overall upkeep. One of the major ways to keep the AC from affecting your health is by regularly changing the air conditioner filters.

Be sure that the air conditioner filters are clean and free of built-up dust or dirt. When there is too much debris built up on the filters, airflow becomes restricted. Dirty air filters will not stop outside irritants like allergens or pesticides from entering your home.

Take this precaution before it’s too late. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning or changing the air filters. If you still feel unsure about doing this on your own, our team of professionals can help. Contact Ethical Air today for more information about keeping your home clean while the AC is in use!

Count on Ethical Air for Emergency AC Repair

It’s just after 10 o’clock on a hot and humid night. You’re about to go to sleep, when out of nowhere, your air conditioning system shuts off. Now what? Luckily, Ethical Air performs emergency AC repair! We’ll be there in your times of need.

We know you and your family depend on the comfort that is provided by your air conditioning system. We especially know how impossible it can be to fall asleep without that relief from the heat you are used to. With our round-the-clock repair services, your system will be repaired or replaced as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Ethical Air won’t put you on a waitlist the way other HVAC companies might. We understand that time is of the essence; we will not force you to make an appointment for the repair. We want to restore the level of comfort to your household just as fast as you do! Our professional team of skilled technicians will respond to your call in no time.

For emergency AC repair – morning, noon or night – contact Ethical Air. We are the ready, reliable and respected team of reputable technicians, serving you in the Tampa, Brandon, Lakeland, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Sarasota and everywhere in between. Don’t go another minute without the refreshing relief of air conditioning in your home!

Air Ducts: When to replace or repair?


The air ducts of your home’s HVAC system may quite possibly be one of those things that you don’t think of until it’s too late – that is, once they’ve become dirty or leaky and just plain damaged. Ethical Air wants you to know when these ducts should be repaired or replaced. If the system feels like it’s simply not doing its job, it could be time to consider what needs to be done to the ductwork. Here are a few signs that will help you realize that it’s time to contact the professionals and perhaps perform indoor air quality testing.

  • Some rooms are warmer or cooler than the others
  • An increasing amount of dust around the house
  • Mold has started forming on the ductwork

There are a number of factors that contribute to the condition of the ductwork system. In addition to the warning signs, there are a few other items to consider:

  • If the air ducts are significantly old, it may be time to replace them with new ones
  • If you have just installed a new air conditioning system, the existing ductwork may not be efficient enough to handle the new system
  • If your home is relatively new, it is generally more cost-effective to repair the ductwork, rather than replace the system altogether

Ethical Air knows that deciding how to handle these HVAC woes can be tough. We want to make it easy for you. If you suspect your home’s air duct system needs some sprucing up, or you’ve performed indoor air quality testing and are not satisfied with the results, call us. Our trained technicians can repair or replace your ductwork in no time.

Saving Energy at Home While You’re Away

Are you and your family planning a vacation getaway this summer? Between traveling expenses and the cost of staying at a hotel or resort, it would be nice to save money in where you can in other aspects. To ensure that the vacation expenses do not exceed your expectations, it’s best to consider prepping your home for the time you will be away. Ethical Air wants you to have an enjoyable time away from home and not come back to a hefty electric bill! Consider the following energy-saving tips:


First and foremost, you will want to unplug appliances around the house. These can be both indoor and outdoor appliances. Anything that is plugged into a power source is using energy, whether the appliance is turned on or off. Be sure to unplug all electronics, lamps, and even large appliances that can be unplugged without harming you or your possessions. Depending on the length of your vacation, you might consider emptying your refrigerator and unplugging the unit while you are away.

Another way to save money and energy while you are away from home is to adjust your thermostat. Setting your thermostat to only come on when the temperatures rise to a particular point will conserve energy but also maintain coolness about the home with Florida air conditioning. Many thermostats feature an “away” or “vacation” mode that can be set.

The more that these appliances and Florida air conditioning cooling units are running, the more energy they will use; so why not scale it back when you are not home? To learn more about energy-saving tips and thermostat settings of your home’s cooling system, contact Ethical Air. We can help you stay within your budget this summer!

Preventing Serious Repairs with Air Conditioner Maintenance Plans

It’s no secret that you want to make it through the summer months with a flawless air conditioning system. Sometimes, however, that wish just does not come true. When temperatures are climbing, you want to know you can depend on your AC system. Did you know there are affordable precautions you can take to make sure your system remains running smoothly?

The first precaution is routine maintenance. With an air conditioner maintenance plan from Ethical Air, you can be assured that your system will be checked regularly and any problems may be identified and remedied before they become a serious emergency. Our skilled technicians know exactly what to look for during routine maintenance visits.

The next way to prevent a serious malfunction is to change the air filter. A common AC problem is a clogged air filter. The purpose of this filter is to protect from dirt or other debris. Clogs will restrict airflow and eventually result in a need for repair.


With a priority service air conditioner maintenance plan from Ethical Air, you can rest assure that our technicians will inspect the system thoroughly. We stand behind our tune-ups and inspections; these plans are designed to save you the time and money that would be spent on the more in-depth repairs should any serious clogs or breakdowns occur.  Find out more details on how you can enroll with our maintenance plans today!

Air Conditioning throughout History

While living in Florida without air conditioning may be something you do not want to fathom, it can be hard to believe that there once was a time when this luxury did not exist. Without air conditioning, Tampa AC repair companies like us would not be possible! In the days before air conditioning, the only relief available on hot days was fanning yourself!

So when exactly did air conditioning get its start? It is believed that the Romans were the first to make indoor cooling attempts as early as the 3rd Century. The wealthy citizens of ancient Rome would make the most of the aqueduct system by running cool water through the walls of their home.

<alt img"Willis Carrier">

Willis Carrier

In the year 1902, an engineer from New York, Willis Carrier, invented what is considered to be the first modern air conditioning system. Carrier had invented the system with the intention of controlling the humidity of the printing plant in which he worked. In 1922, Carrier made advancements to his invention with the creation of a centrifugal chiller. The smaller system made its debut at the Rivoli Theater in Times Square, thus sparking a tremendous rise in attendance due to thousands of people seeking refuge in the cool theater on hot summer days.

By the 1930s, department stores, train cars and offices started to install air conditioning systems. By 1965, air conditioning started to saturate the residential market. Documents show 10% of the U.S. population reported having one in their home at that time. Fast forward to the present day: nearly 90% of the U.S. population owns one!

With so many homes and businesses relying on air conditioning for optimal comfort, Tampa AC repair companies like Ethical Air are here to help keep yours running in top condition! Call Ethical Air for all of your AC repair needs!

Air Purifiers Improving Air Quality Testing Tampa

It’s hard to believe at times, but indoor air can be just as polluted, if not more, than outdoor air. In order to keep the indoor air quality under control, air purifiers can be used. Air purifiers will remove pollutants, like bacteria, dust, mold spores and pollen, from the air you are breathing within your home. They also serve another purpose: neutralizing odors!

When it comes to air quality testing Tampa, air purifiers play an important role. First and foremost, they help to ensure your family is only breathing clean air while spending time at home. Clean air will keep you and your family healthy. Cleaner air will keep your lungs healthy, in addition to neutralizing airborne bacteria and allergens.

An air purifier can also improve the overall scent of your home. They will remove odors that are less than pleasing. Whether it is pets or scents given off from cooking foods, air purifiers will combat those pesky odors and keep your home smelling fresh. Air purifiers also neutralize smoke; whether it is a roaring fireplace or a family member who smokes. This will also make your lungs happy, as well as your nose!

Overall, when you’re interested in air quality testing Tampa, air purifiers will help improve the results. They can remove up to 99% of airborne bacteria that float around in the air of your home. When these particles are eliminated, the chances of your family becoming sick will be minimized. Optimal indoor air quality will make your home more comfortable for family members, guests and even your pets!

Ethical Air: Offering 24 Hour AC Repair

It’s no surprise that air conditioners may stop working as properly, especially in the heart of summer. You shouldn’t have to be without the luxury of your air conditioning unit for extended periods of time – or ever! But during those times of inconvenience, should they arise, there is a reliable source to depend on: Ethical Air and Plumbing. We provide emergency services to ensure your system is back up and running in no time.

Emergency implies urgency. That is exactly what you will get. We pride ourselves on our ability to respond to every call promptly and professionally. In situations where extreme heat at your home or business could pose a danger to loved ones or customers, there is no time to waste. We will work to restore the level of cool to the property and spare everyone from harm.

No matter what time – day or night – Ethical Air will be there to provide assistance. Our skilled technicians provide 24 hour AC repair for your convenience. We will restore or replace the unit so that comfort can again be achieved and maintained throughout the home or business.

When you’re in need of air conditioning repair, you should not have to be put onto a wait list or told that it can take days for a technician to come. Instead, get service when you need it. Call Ethical Air for 24 hour AC repair for all of your AC emergencies!