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Air Conditioning for Your Comfort

The air conditioner is an essential component of any household; it provides you with a tolerable indoor temperature on hot days. But any air conditioner unit can experience problems, and your comfort may be compromised when your home’s air flow is just too warm to ignore. There are many types of air conditioner units to choose from, and air conditioner filters are of equal importance, which means that you need to do your research before repairing or replacing any part of an air conditioner.

One popular choice is the mini-split air conditioner, which can be very useful residential purposes. Whether you have a small apartment or multi-room house, a mini-split air conditioner can be a beneficial purchase.

Mini-split products have the ability to impact the temperature of individual rooms without unnecessarily cooling or heating rooms that aren’t being used. This means that you can save money by purchasing a mini-split unit that creates cost-effective zones for your home. The mini-split unit’s smaller size is also a benefit; this sometimes results in easier installation.

If you do not have experience in the HVAC industry, it might seem daunting to repair air conditioner filters or units. When this is the case, you should contact a reputable company that can quickly repair your unit. This saves you precious time while ensuring that your home has a fully functioning air conditioner.

Reliable and Fast Air Conditioning Repair

At Ethical Air and Plumbing, your comfort is our priority. That is why we will work to keep you and your family cool inside when it’s hot outside. The way you depend on your AC is similar to the way that the AC system depends on us! When fast air conditioning repair or regular maintenance is needed, we’ll be there to handle it.

Ethical Air and Plumbing believes that one of the most important maintenance tasks to ensure efficiency is to clean or replace the filters. Clogged or dirty filters will reduce airflow and significantly reduce efficiency. By replacing filters and keeping them clean, the AC unit’s energy consumption can be lowered by about 15%!

In addition to filters, the condenser and evaporator coils associated with your AC system also need care and maintenance from time to time. The filters will work to keep evaporator coil from soiling quickly, however, over time it will still collect dirt. Dirt reduces air flow and will ultimately insulate the coil, cancelling out its ability to absorb heat. Condenser coils can become dirty if the surrounding area is dusty or in close proximity to plants and trees. If dust or leaves collect on the coil’s fins, it can generally be remedied easily.

Clogged drain channels will prevent your AC unit from reducing humidity levels. Excess moisture thus builds up and may leak, causing discoloration of carpeting or walls.

Contact Ethical Air and Plumbing to perform fast air conditioning repair and routine maintenance that your AC system requires, before it’s too late!