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The Guide to Caring for Your Air Conditioner

Like all home systems, air conditioners need to be properly maintained and occasionally repaired to function at top capacity. In sunny Tampa, where temperatures are mild all year long, it’s especially wise to give your cooling system the attention it deserves. Without it, you can end up with a less efficient unit, higher energy bills and even dangerous indoor air quality.

While there are things you can do on your own to keep your unit in check – changing filters on a regular basis and cleaning coils are effective do-it-yourself maintenance solutions – it’s also important to recognize when your system should be checked by a Tampa air conditioning technician. In most cases, professionally repairing problems in their early stages is a far more cost-effective option than waiting until your system starts to show more serious signs of wear and tear.

Spotting minor issues before they become full-blown repairs can be tricky, so how do you know when it’s time to call a professional Tampa air conditioning company? Unexpected cooling expenses, strange sounds and lack of cold air are some of the most common red flags that a call to an expert technician is in order.

Another alternative to avoiding major repairs is to invest in a long-term maintenance plan. With services that can cover regular inspections, replacement parts and preventative care, annual maintenance plans are ideal for homeowners who want to take the guesswork out of keeping their cooling systems in top shape throughout the year.

Maintenance Plans for Tampa Air Conditioning

While Ethical Air and Plumbing has the resources necessary to complete a full repair to any Tampa air conditioning system, it doesn’t hurt to service your AC every so often as a way to prevent serious repairs to be performed. We have the resources for that, too. In fact, we also offer cost-saving maintenance plans in which we will come to your home and check up on your system!

Our maintenance plans are designed to save you money and extend the life of your residential AC equipment. A maintenance agreement, at an annual fee of $199, will provide you with the following:

  • Priority service
  • Discounted pricing
  • Two home visits
  • Inspection
  • Tune-up

Upon signing up for your home maintenance plan, you will receive a thorough inspection. If any equipment should need to be replaced during the initial phase, we will make the repairs for free! That’s right, on the first visit, any necessary repairs are free of charge.

Caring for your Tampa air conditioning system is essentially no different than caring for your health or your car. You visit the doctor and take your car in for a tune-up to ensure that everything is in top condition, so why not do the same for your AC?

There’s no better time to consider a maintenance agreement from Ethical Air and Plumbing. Whether you live in Tampa or the surrounding areas, we’ll be there for you and your air conditioning needs!

Reliable and Fast Air Conditioning Repair

At Ethical Air and Plumbing, your comfort is our priority. That is why we will work to keep you and your family cool inside when it’s hot outside. The way you depend on your AC is similar to the way that the AC system depends on us! When fast air conditioning repair or regular maintenance is needed, we’ll be there to handle it.

Ethical Air and Plumbing believes that one of the most important maintenance tasks to ensure efficiency is to clean or replace the filters. Clogged or dirty filters will reduce airflow and significantly reduce efficiency. By replacing filters and keeping them clean, the AC unit’s energy consumption can be lowered by about 15%!

In addition to filters, the condenser and evaporator coils associated with your AC system also need care and maintenance from time to time. The filters will work to keep evaporator coil from soiling quickly, however, over time it will still collect dirt. Dirt reduces air flow and will ultimately insulate the coil, cancelling out its ability to absorb heat. Condenser coils can become dirty if the surrounding area is dusty or in close proximity to plants and trees. If dust or leaves collect on the coil’s fins, it can generally be remedied easily.

Clogged drain channels will prevent your AC unit from reducing humidity levels. Excess moisture thus builds up and may leak, causing discoloration of carpeting or walls.

Contact Ethical Air and Plumbing to perform fast air conditioning repair and routine maintenance that your AC system requires, before it’s too late!