Mini-Splits in Tampa, Florida


Cool, efficient air conditioning can come in small packages thanks to mini split AC units. In addition to making AC repairs, Ethical Air is one of the few Tampa air conditioning companies to specialize in ductless AC installation. Mini split units blend easily into the woodwork of your home and do not require ducts for cooling.Pic of a mini split condenser

Installing a ductless AC is ideal when the property does not have central air conditioning, or there is no attic and little space for ductwork. This system consists of an indoor unit that is connected to a separate unit outside. The mini-split system is perfect for zoned comfort, allowing each room to be set at a different temperature.

Energy efficiency and no duct installation are just
a few of the benefits of a mini-split AC system. When you want to provide comfort to your whole house, or just one room, this is the way to go. Forget about those other Tampa air conditioning companies! Contact Ethical Air today to find out more details or for a free estimate to get your mini-split today!